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Mist and Mystery by MikeGould
Mist and Mystery
Acrylic. I think most people live their lives in a fog. There is this kind of wall which stops people facing realities, even if they get a glimpse of reality they assume someone else is dealing with it so they can keep on as they are without consequences. In this the people have their heads in the mist, they cannot see what is going on below, and even if they feel the sense that something has touched them, they hope it will go away - rather like viruses, war, unfairness, environmental damage. As an individual you can only do so much. As Bob Geldof showed, art can get across a message. While the problems of poverty and famine still exist, the world is more aware since bandaid, and while it has a way to go, awareness is the start of resolution. Hopefully my painting will make people think.   
The Futility Of Endeavour by MikeGould
The Futility Of Endeavour
Acrylics. Not a bleak as it seems. I call the central character Jestiny. He appears quite often in my work, and destiny can quite often often play tricks on us. Sometimes I see some of the work I do in my day job as being totally pointless - it seems to be there to keep someone else in a job rather that to actually produce anything which is useful. OK, some would also say what use is art, but I would highlight that art of all types is one of the things which elevates us above other animals. Without art we would not have any form  of entertainment, life would just be an exercise for survival. Even amount poor people there is still a desire to create, often to powerful effect. Most of modern music came from black slaves - blues, jazz, rock, soul, gospel - all from people who were in many instances treated worse than animals, yet out of their suffering came something which generated modern music. So endeavour isn't really futile, but pointless endeavour is. My art doesn't pay me an income,  but it gives me fulfilment I don't get from my paid work. 
Darkness by MikeGould
Acrylic. The name came first - a sense of foreboding. The eye at the centre of the picture came first in that I drew the shape, then extended the tendrils from it. However, I then didn't actually paint the eye until the end so it was both the start and the end of the work. There is of course some light - fighting against the darkness as there has to be.  
Contamination by MikeGould
Acrylics. Contamination can take many forms from chemical to biological to cultural to mental - anything can be contaminated. It can be good or bad - it depends on the effect and on perception. In the painting I am not specific about what is contaminating what. There are the poles emerging from the water, the worms, the hole in the sky, the man made object in the sky. Contamination depends on your point of view. We get a lot of rubbish about cultural contamination these days. There are a lot of things about my country's culture that I like, but like most countries this has built up from what I am sure our ancestors saw as cultural contamination. Yet this mix has built what we have today. I have always lived in a multicultural environment, people gravitate here and bring their culture with them. It provides the diversity we have today. As long as you don't allow it to simplyb submerge what is good already it will create change which is as positive as you are prepared to allow it to be. The message of the painting is that contamination will happen and you need to embrace it and work with it.   
Duality by MikeGould
Acrylics. Abstract in concept. Part of my mental health irregular series suggested from recent experiences I have had with people. We all have the ability to change moods, so in a way we all have a duality which makes us 3 dimensional beings. However, some have a pshychopathic ability to control this as a way of manipulation of others - nasty one minute, nice the next. This is unsettling and disruptive and while I am not judgemental - people are what they are and can seek help if they need it, it is part of the human condition I feel the need to comment on.         
We all face the question. What do you do? People tend to define themselves by the job they do - yet for a lot of us the job is a source of revenue, not what we are. By the end of last year I was pretty much facing a crisis. Having gone through the redundancy/no redundancy fiasco in the summer, prepared myself for unemployment, getting back into the mindset of having a job,  I left with an overall sense of dissatisfaction with life. I was also left feeling guilty because a lot of people face not having a job ever day - what right have I to complain. A lot of the things I foresaw at work came to pass which confirmed my decision to ask for redundancy was then right one. One incident in particular annoyed me and I decided the time was right to rebrand myself as an artist and designer.

An artist is what I am - whatever I do for money. It has taken a long time to get to this place - too long, but although I can't afford to give up the day job it has given me a sense of purpose and i feel I'm being true to myself. I'm under no illusions that I will be able to make a living as an artist - how many artists in any medium ever do, but I feel positive about myself and my purpose which is important. I have targets to aim for - my latest work is becoming a project and I intend to use the skills from my day job to present it as a project and eventually exhibit.

My message is that if you feel you are an artist, don't be afraid to tell people. There are a lot of artists on DA who have days jobs. Whether you like the day job or not, whether you expect to make a living from art or not, you are all artists and should be proud to be so. Art is taken for granted, but without it how boring the world would be, and who would remind the human race that it is not perfect but should embrace imperfection. The artists is there to see beauty where others fail so wear your art with pride.            



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Mike Gould
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I was born in London and now live in Peterborough near Cambridge with my wife and son. I did my degree in graphic design but have ended up working as a business analyst. I have painted on and off for years but have really got to grips with developing my work in the last 5 years. I paint as I feel at the time and the style of the painting suits the mood. I don' tend to stick to one style for very long - my painting is as ecclectic as my music listening,

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